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Infrastructure Development on Druk Amitabha Mountain

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We want to thank all the sponsors for helping us achieve so much in 20 days. You can see the progress of construction very clearly from the photos below.


As of today, the water tank project is half completed, depending on the availability of funds. There is a balance of NR 4.3million or USD 72,000 required to complete the water tank.

Meanwhile, we are making full use of the truck to buy water, food supplies;and daily necessities. The truck is very useful for us, and it really helps us to practically carry out our work and responsibilities much easier.


150 of us have moved to the rooms with beds. We are still short of 50 beds. So the one without beds are still sleeping on the floor. Those of us who don't have beds are very happy that our friends have them.

If you would like to help those of us who don't have beds, the cost of making a bed together with the mattress, pillows, bed linen, blanket, labor and wood cost is NR 14,000 (or USD 230) each.



The biogas facility is about to be finished. The first block nuns' residence is finally completed and the residential rooms in the second block completed, but the dining hall above is still under construction. Bathrooms and kitchen are also under construction. We are rushing the work as we hope to get everything ready before His Holiness's birthday celebration on 16th February 2008.

These two residential blocks are not to be confused with the two additional blocks required. These two blocks are still on the drawing board and the fundraising team is very actively looking for sponsors for these 2 blocks.



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